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As you can probably already tell from my other posts, my home office is very girly. In addition to the fashion illustrations in my desk area, and the varied assortment of ornaments in my bookshelf, I have unleashed my creative juices into a series of frames that hold quotes, pictures or meaningful objects to me.


Everything has some sort of meaning in this wall and ranges from being over eight years old to a couple of weeks old. I am always changing, adding, and updating the selection (I was definitely that little kid who used to draw on walls) but I think I finally came with an assortment that I love and that stands out.



The four different quotes on the wall all have different origins. The “Life’s a Party, Dress Like It” quote is originally from a Lilly Pulitzer catalog that I cut up, added glitter, and pasted into a Kate Spade printed paper. The “Everyone is a star and deserves the right to twinkle” is a quote that I love by Marilyn Monroe that I made into a rainy day craft project. The other two are from Kate Spade.




In addition to the quotes, I have also displayed my race medals on a jewelry board. I have made the ribbons into bows and used bow shaped tacks to hold them up. If you are ever thinking about making your own frame wall, a couple of tips that have worked well for me are the following:

  • Choose different styles, shapes, and sizes for the frame but try to keep the same color (I’ve used white to contrast with the pink)
  • Make it relevant to you (showcase things you actually love, otherwise you will just making holes on the wall for something you don’t care for)
  • Use a level (so helpful when dealing with different shaped frames)
  • Have fun with it! (if you end up not liking it, you could always fill int the hole and paint over it)


As you probably noticed, there have been a couple of changes to sprinkles and tiaras since yesterday. Not only has the layout of the blog improved, but now the blog is self-hosted. I am so happy with all of the changes and excited of what will be next. Check out the new site here and let me know what you think.