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I’m one of those people who loves gift season. Although it’s great to receive a gift, it’s so much more fun to give one. From the planning process where you’re looking for the perfect thing, to selecting the wrapping and delivery, I believe that every detail makes the gift feel so more special.

I always feel specially inspired when looking for glamorous girly gifts for my close friends and my sister. I tend to focus on trendy gifts that are unique and luxurious but also attainable. Every item featured above is well under $100, yet their luxe value far surpasses their price.


rose gold holiday outfit

rose gold holiday outfit

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With the holiday party season officially starting, I’ve been scrambling to find outfits for different occasions. The set above is one of my favorites as it can be worn to both to a work holiday party or at a casual Thanksgiving dinner. Moreover, I love how the rose gold details provide an understated elegance to the whole outfit and fit well with the holiday theme.