week 11

summer reminders exercise Vogue Paris July 2012 - saved by Chic n Cheap Living


Train outdoors on Week 11. 

Day 1: Newbies: 25 minutes cardio (crosstrain)    Beginners: 35 minutes cardio (crosstrain)

My activity: NTC Get Toned Intermediate Stinger workout

Day 2: Rest

My activity: 6 mile run

Day 3: Newbies: 1 mile run (moderate pace, no walking)   Beginners: 2.5 mile run (moderate to fast pace, no walking)

My activity: 4 mile run

Day 4: Newbies: NTC Get Strong Beginner Full Action    Beginners: NTC Get Toned Beginner Shape + Sculpt

My activity: NTC class

Day 5: Newbies: 1.5 mile run (no walking) Beginners: 3 mile run (no walking)

My activity: NTC Get Focused To the Core

Day 6: Newbies: 1 mile run   Beginners: 2.5 mile run

My activity: Soccer

Day 7: Rest

My activity: 10 mile hill run




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