spring cleaning: beauty

spring cleaning beauty products 3

Now that it is finally somewhat warm, the yearly Spring cleaning ritual begins. Houses are cleaned, closets are organized, and wardrobes are edited. It is the time to get rid of the things you no longer use and upkeep your house. In order to complete the Spring cleaning task most efficiently (and so you don’t give up in the process) it helps to have a checklist and focus room by room.

For this post, I am featuring my vanity area, where I get ready and keep my beauty products. I used to store all of my makeup, perfumes, and beauty products in my bathroom sink but it became harder and harder to keep the bathroom area uncluttered. Because of this, I decided to invest in a vanity where I could keep my makeup and my key accessories without overtaking the bathroom.

beauty tip 1

The vanity I chose is actually a mirrored desk from Pottery Barn and has worked wonders so far. When organizing my vanity, I knew that I wanted to keep everything uncluttered but accessible, especially for the mornings in which I am rushing to get ready.

beauty tip 2

The best way to do this is to find simple yet pretty organizers that would keep my go-to products. I purchased a silver tray from Home Goods to keep my perfume collection; an acrylic makeup organizer for my makeup brushes, powders, and lipsticks; and an antique silver jewelry box from Pottery Barn to keep my more delicate jewelry.

spring cleaning beauty products 4


Overall, keeping my beauty products in its own place has kept the house more organized and has made the getting ready process much more efficient. If you have a smaller space or are looking for other ways to keep it all together check out the slideshow below for more ideas:

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