vintage gold etagere



As I had previously mentioned in this post, my home office is my creative space. It is the space where I unwind at the end of the day, where I write, and where I experiment with decor. One of the pieces that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now is my vintage gold etagere. Similar to a bookshelf, an etagere features open shelves for storage and display but is usually used for decorations.




For me, my etagere features a haphazard combination of objects, books, and even jewelry. It is a collection of things that I find beautiful or that I think are worth displaying. Because of that, I spent a lot of time looking to find a piece that would compliment the colors of my room and  my ornaments.  I came across this Ikea hack idea from the Ana Antunes blog and decided to give it a try.




For the structure, I purchased the Ikea Vittsjo shelving unit which comes in a black color with three glass shelves and two black wooden shelves. After building the etagere, I used gold spray paint to change the color of the frame. It took me three cans of spray paint to paint the whole surface but I wasn’t too in love with the texture or color. Even though most furniture DIYers love to use spray paint for their projects, it was my first time using it and probably my last time.




In order to change the tone of the gold (it was too greenish in my opinion), I brushed acrylic paint all over the frame and in order to change the texture I used a sponge dabbed in gold paint to make it seem more vintage. All and all the frame has about five coats of paint, but it ended looking very unique and pretty with the final steps. In regards to the wooden shelves, I contacted various local glass shops to see if I could purchase two separate glasses, but each ended up costing more than the bookshelf (about $90 each) so I went ahead and purchased a second Vittsjo at Ikea and used its glass shelves. Overall this was a really fun project which resulted in a lovely and versatile piece ideal for storage and display.



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