penny for your thoughts


A few things on my radar this week:


I studied French throughout high school and college, but because I very rarely get to use it (only when watching movies in French) I am really rusty. Enter Duolingo, a free language learning program available online and as an app. It currently offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese, but it is expanding to include other languages as well. Unlike many other language courses, Duolingo uses a game format to teach different levels and skills. It is fun, easy to use, convenient, and customized for your own skill level.


If you are like me, you support companies that give back to the community. The Fashion Project is a site where you can choose your favorite non-profit (from a list of over 800,000 charities) and raise money by donating your gently used clothing. It is a great way for spring cleaning and to give back to a cause that you believe. A bonus perk is that the company has recently partnered up with Nordstrom, so if you donate five qualifying items to the Fashion Project, Nordstrom will reward you with a $40 gift card. In addition, if you are looking to purchase high-end clothing (some are new with tags) at a discounted price and give back to a charity, then Fashion Project is the way to go.



Meet Paige, a brand new blogger who loves all things preppy, fashion, Lilly Pulitzer, and Kentucky basketball. Her blog focuses on her style advice and serves as a platform to communicate with her followers. Paige can be found on Pinterest or Wanelo. Check out her incredibly cute blog here.


2 thoughts on “penny for your thoughts

  1. Hello! Was on LUCKY COMMUNITY and saw your blog link posted there; loved your blog, followed it! Please
    Hello! My blog is all about fashion, beauty, food and life 🙂

    I’m inviting you to like and follow my pages! Thanks a ton XOXO:)

    and also, if you would like to collaborate with my new blog (stated up there), send me an email! If anyone has followed my blog and liked my facebook page please drop me an email with your blog link, facebook page link and a quick hello for me to return the favours! Thanks again, everyone:)

    -athena tan


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