off to the races

It is officially the first day of spring. It is time for warm days, cool nights, and outdoor events. One of these well-known events in the South is the Steeplechase. Taking place in various cities and various dates, the Steeplechase is a form of horse jump racing that has evolved to include a giant tailgating party (similar to the Kentucky Derby).Entering its 49th year, the Atlanta Steeplechase features pre-race events, party tents, and even a 5K. It is a huge tailgating event with all of the attendees wearing their most colorful spring attire.
Derby hats, brightly colored dresses, and equestrian themed accessories abound in this preppy themed event. It is a great event to experiment with your wardrobe and try on fun accessories to complement your outfit. The dresses featured above are great options for the event or for any daytime outdoor parties. Here are some tips that I have learned from attending Steeplechase in the past.
  • Wear wedges. Heels tend to dig into the grass and make it very difficult to walk.
  • Make sure to bring a hair tie. As the day heats up and the humidity rolls in, you will definitely want to sport a bun.
  • Bring water. The day is very long and you can get dehydrated easily by the heat.
  • Facial wipes are a great idea to refresh midday.
  • Have fun!

If you want to learn more about the Atlanta Steeplechase or would like to purchase tickets, check out their site here.


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