Nike Expotique


With only a few weeks left until the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC, I am finally getting around to planning my trip. Between the museums, the government buildings, the food, and the beautiful scenery, D.C. is one of my favorite cities to visit (and to run in!). Being my second year participating in this race, I have a better idea of what to expect of the days leading up to the race and the events scheduled.


One of the most exciting pre-race events is the Nike Expotique which takes place at the Washington Harbour (3050 K St NW Washington, DC 20007). This expo is the best way to learn more about the race, pick up your packet, indulge in the freebies provided by race sponsors, and check out the awesome Nike gear. Last year, the Expotique featured a sports bra and running tights fitting (which helped me discover my now-favorite running tights), gait analysis, and shoe giveaways. There was a DJ, yummy food, a Luna Cheer station (where you can make customized banners to support runners), a Paul Mitchell pop up salon (where you could get your hair done), a Bare Minerals booth (makeovers), and featured speakers.

In addition, there was a “We Run For” wall, in which participants could dedicate their races to a special cause or write why they were running. It was very inspirational to see how many people were running to find a cure for Leukemia, how many were running for Boston (the bombing had only happened a few weeks before), and how many were running for loved ones.

Even though the race and all of the activities surrounding the race are absolutely amazing, the fact that people from all over the world come together to run for a cure makes the experience a little more epic. I can’t wait for the race and for the Expotique which will be held on:

Thursday, April 24, 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Friday, April 25, 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Saturday, April 26, 8:00AM – 6:00PM

For more information about the race check out the Nike Run site and the Run Nike Women Series on Facebook.

Map Image via Nike Run


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