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With a little over a month left to go until the Nike Women’s Half Marathon takes place, now is the time to plan out your visit and activities in DC if you are travelling for the race. Below are some tips in reserving your flights and your accommodations:





By now you have hopefully already booked your hotel for the trip but if you still have not, feel free to check out the Nike D.C. Hotel partners here. Last year, I stayed at the Key Bridge Marriott (option G) for the night before the race. Although it worked out perfectly because the D.C. transportation system was operating from the early morning hours, I did have to get up a bit earlier to take the train and get there in time for the start. The hotel was very comfortable and with the Nike discount I was able to book it at a great price. This year, I booked my hotel as soon as I received the lottery for the event so I was able to find a really good deal in a hotel right by the start line.

Nevertheless, staying close to the Expotique and to Georgetown University allowed me to go shopping there after the race, and meet friends that study there for my pre-race pasta dinner. In addition, the hotel’s location is very convenient, and I was able to explore some of the Virginia Arlington area after the race.

A couple of things to consider:

  • Georgetown is a beautiful and colorful area, but unfortunately it does not have easy access to the metro system. If you are planning on staying near campus, make sure to leave extra early in the morning of the race.
  • Plan on only using the metro system the day of the race. Various roads will be closed down across the city, blocking car access. There is no designated parking area for the event.
  • For more information on how to get around in DC check out the metro’s website.

Map image via Nike


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