everybody likes parfait


As the temperatures rise and more social events start taking place (March Madness!), more food options become available when entertaining. One light and easy dessert idea to incorporate into your soiree is a frozen yogurt bar. 

What you’ll need:

  • Frozen yogurt – I usually buy different flavored pints from Pinkberry and place them in a cooler or an ice tray
  • Toppings – fresh fruit, granola, gummies, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies
  • Chilled martini glasses – place the martini glasses in the fridge prior to serving (to speed up the process you can place ice cubes inside while refrigerating)
  • A sorbet pint – or another option for anyone who is lactose free
  • Ice cream scoops


  • Make sure to cut the fresh fruit in small pieces so it is easier to serve. For sliced fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples include a spoon for scooping. For blackberries and raspberries tongs work better.
  • If serving outside, make sure the yogurt pints are in a cooler with ice (no one likes runny fro-yo). If served inside an ice tray should suffice.
  • Have fun and enjoy!


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