week 7



Leisure time on Week 7. 

After weeks of working out, increasing mileage, and sticking to an exercise plan, it is time to take a week to relax your body and enjoy some personal time. That way when you start again next week, you are motivated, energized, and ready to rev up.

Day 1: Cross-train with a light activity. Walking, playing tennis, or going to a slow-flow yoga class are great options.

My activity: NTC Get Strong Beginner – Full Action Workout

Day 2: Rest

My activity: NTC Get Focused Jessica Michibata’s To The Core Workout

Day 3: Newbies: .80 walk   Beginners: 1 mile jog (slow pace)

My activity: 2 mile run

Optional activities: Swimming, low-impact cardio

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: optional video or stretches

My activity: 1 hour Pilates class

Day 6: Newbies: NTC Get Focused Dynamic Yoga  Beginners: 1 mile jog

My activity: 3.5 mile run

Day 7: Rest


Image via Vogue


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