dress like a beauty, run like a beast


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (called Orlando) 25,000 people got together to run 13.1 miles filled with magic, music, and Disney characters. Fortunately for me, I was able to be part of this race and bring home with me great memories and an unforgettable experience. 

The Princess Half Marathon is an annual race that takes place in Walt Disney World and benefits the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a charity raising funds for 170 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada. The course, which is filled with performers along the way, starts outside the Epcot parking lot and runs across World Drive towards Magic Kingdom. Upon entering, runners pass through the park and the Cinderella Castle. The race culminates at Epcot, near the starting line.


Between the Disney characters cheering the runners on, the colorful princess costumes, and the unique location, this race was very fun to run. As usual, one of my favorite things was dressing up for it. This race is well-known for all of the intricate costumes that participants wear and the awesome photo locations along the way. My Jasmine costume was planned to look like this:

Jasmine Princess Race

but I ended making a last-minute change from the tights to a Sparkle Skirt due to the humidity and the heat. Even though it was my first time running with a skort (it had a short lining underneath) I actually had a great experience with it and was comfortable (and looked cute) throughout the race. A couple of things that I was reminded while running today were to stay hydrated prior and during the race (especially when the temperature is in the 60s), pace yourself evenly throughout the race, remember to balance your breathing, and enjoy the experience. Remember the race is the product of all of your training and a highlight in your running journey.


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