set the table

Happy Valentine’s Day! If your plans include cooking dinner tonight and you want every detail to look perfect, you can use the guide below as reference in setting the table.



  • Dinner Plate
  • Salad Plate (or soup plate)
  • Dinner Fork
  • Salad Fork
  • Dinner Knife
  • Soup Spoon
  • Dessert Spoon
  • Water glass (highball glasses)
  • Wine glass (white wine glasses are narrow, with tulip shaped sides. The narrowness of this glass allows the wine to remain chilled for longer. Red wine glasses are characterized by their round, wide bowl, which allows space for the wine to breathe. If serving both types of wine, make sure to set both glasses)
  • Bread plate (bread knife on top)

This is how it is set:


In addition to setting the cutlery, there are many ways to decorate a table. For a romantic dinner, candles are preferable. Long candles can be set in candlesticks, votive candles can be placed in small jars and decorated with river pebbles or floated in water, pillars can be placed along countertops. For questions to which candle is which, you can check out the National Candle Association (yes, that exists) candle guide.

In addition to candles, one of my favorite ways to decorate is with fresh flowers. You can find suggestions here. Another simple but cute idea is placing red and pink confetti on  a white tablecloth (for a pop of color and a bit of shimmer!). Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday so feel free to get creative with the decorations.



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