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A guide to understanding common runner lingo.

After getting your running shoes, starting your training plan, and picking your running routes, its is important to get familiar with common lingo that you might hear running. The terms below are the most common ones, but feel free to add or suggest any others worth noting.

fartlek: speed play. Swedish training method in which you run faster for whatever time you choose.

pace: usually expressed in minutes to miles, this refers to how fast you are running

PR: personal record sometimes called PB for personal best

intervals: any workout run at a faster than normal pace

recovery: easy jogging between fast paced segments

RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Things to do in case of an injury.

splits: the time it takes to complete a defined distance

negative splits: running the last part of a timed run faster than the first

strides: surges incorporated into warm ups or after workouts

taper: cutting back mileage before a race

Race Lengths

400 m: 1 lap around standard track .25 miles

metric mile: 1500 meters

5K: 3.1 miles

10K: 6.2 miles

half-marathon: 13.1 miles

full marathon: 26.2 miles

ultra-marathon: any distance longer than a full, usually 50K (31 miles) and a 100K (62 miles)

FYI : Wondering where you stand in regards to world records? The fastest mile recorded for a male was by Hicham El Guerrouj with a time of 3:43.13. For a female it was Svetlana Masterkova with a time 4:12.56.

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