week 4


Stretch, recover, and keep on going in Week 4. 

By now you are probably starting to feel the effects of exercise on your body. From sore muscles to increased energy, the adjustment period and the side effects vary from body to body. During this adjustment period, recovery exercises (such as yoga) help stretch and strengthen your muscles, which in turn will provide relief and prevent injuries. Weight training, squats, and core exercises help balance out cardio exercises and bolster your foundation. 

Day 1: Newbies: 15 minute weight training. Beginners: 25 minute weight training.

My activity: Run 5 miles

Weight training: video

Day 2: Newbies: .50 slow jog (no walking!)  Beginners: 1.5 mile run (slow to moderate pace,no walking)

My activity: NTC Get Lean Beginner – Crunch + Burn workout

Optional activities: biking, swimming, elliptical, yoga

Day 3: Newbies and Beginners: toning workout video (for newbies, go at your own pace, if you don’t feel comfortable doing something avoid it)

My activity: 3 mile run

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Newbies .35 slow jog (do twice, rest in between). Beginners: Cross train (elliptical, bicycle, yoga) for 30 minutes

My activity: 3 mile run

Day 6: Newbies: 20 minutes of cardio  Beginners: 40 minutes of cardio

My activity: 5 mile run

Cardio: Kickboxing, aerobics, video

Day 7: Rest

Challenge yourself: arm workout

Image via Vogue


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