a me party


One of my resolutions for this year was to enjoy the simple things in life. I love breakfast but very rarely get to enjoy it, as I am usually devouring granola bars on my way to work in the morning or gulping down some orange juice while going through emails. The art of preparing, serving, and enjoying food has long been lost on me and only surfaces when I am having guests over. And although I am still not ready to whip out a complicated meal, IĀ decided that life is too short to be filled with granola bars and subpar orange juice.

That is why today, I took time to prepare (and enjoy) a simple yet delicious breakfast. Even though at plain sight it was only toast, fruits, and tea, it was so much more to me. It was the Nutella (that every diet bans) that I got to savor on the bread, it was that too-expensive Teavana tea that I have been rationing forever, and it was the pure bliss of enjoying it all in my warm, comfy bed.


So the moral of the story is, do something for yourself today (even if it is the smallest thing). In a world where time ticks too quickly, diets are followed daily, and schedules are way too packed, take the time for you. Indulge, enjoy, and pamper yourself, recognize your achievements and refuel for whats ahead.



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