week 3


Harder, better, faster, stronger!

S*** just got real on week 3. For those running the Nike Half Marathon in D.C. (myself included) the training app guide begins today. This might be one of the best resources that Nike can provide you with. For my past two Nike races, the guide has proven essential in my training and keeps me accountable of my mileage and workouts. For those who are not yet racing, this week you are going to test your endurance. It is time to challenge yourself and to break barriers.

Day 1: Newbies: .35 mile jog (3 sets, rest in between, no walking) Beginners: 1.5 mile run (easy to moderate pace, no walking)

My activity: 3 mile run at an easy, comfortable pace

Day 2: Newbies: .25 mile jog as a warmup. Beginners: .50 mile jog as warmup My activity: 1 mile jog as a warmup.  THEN: Run 3 minutes at a faster pace, then 2 minutes at a slower, steady pace.

My activity: Keep fartlek going for 2 miles. Finish the last 1 mile with a light cool-down.

Day 3: Newbies: Crosstrain for 20 minutes. Beginners: Crosstrain for 30 minutes

My activity: NTC Get Lean Beginner Hurricane workout

Crosstrain activities include: elliptical, bike, swimming

Day 4: Rest

Challenge yourself: 8 minute ab workout

Day 5: Newbies Jog .40 miles at comfortable pace. Run an additional .10 (no walking, no rest in between). Beginners: Run 1.5 miles at a comfortable pace, run an additional .50 at faster pace.

My activity: Run 2 miles at a comfortable pace, run last mile at faster pace =3 miles

Optional activity: circuit workout

Day 6: Newbies: .60 mile jog (no walking, easy pace) Beginners: 2 mile run (no walking, easy pace)

My activity: 4 mile run

Day 7: Rest

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