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Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a Trish McEvoy makeup workshop. While sipping champagne and Skyping with Trish, I was able to learn some skincare secrets and makeup application tips that have changed the way I look at beauty. 

As an expert in the beauty industry and founder of her own cosmetics line, Trish McEvoy is well known among celebrities and fashion designers. Known for her “Power of Makeup” workshops and her Makeup Planner beauty organizer, Trish aims to provide high quality products that enhance natural beauty.


During the event I was able to try out some of the skincare products as well as the makeup and learned some tips along the way.

Tip #1: A clean face absorbs products better. Before applying toners or serums, make sure to use a gentle cleansing wash every day and a exfoliating scrub or peel once a week.

Tip #2: When applying serums or moisturizers lightly apply the product with your hands and gently press into the skin. It should be in a pressing motion and very gentle.


Tip #3: Makeup should be applied in the following order:


Start with the eyes first, then apply concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush and a skin highlighter powder. Trish’s 8-step makeup lesson goes step by step into the process.


Such a helpful guide on a simple, every day look. To learn more about Trish and her products, I encourage you to check out her website She has beautiful products that simplify makeup application and enhance your natural look as well as videos and guides to help you apply it.  One of my favorite products is her signature makeup planner, which carries all of your makeup fundamentals in a lovely little bag. Portable and pretty, this one is definitely a must-get for travel or daily wear.



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