week 1

Pippa Middleton


Welcome to Week 1

This week you will condition your body. You will be doing cardio, strength training, and agility. You will start to feel muscles you never knew you had, and you will start challenging yourself daily. Below, you will find a training plan for three different levels: newbies, beginners and intermediates (my activity), as well as optional exercises per day. So gear up, hydrate, and get moving!

Day 1: Incorporate 15-30 minutes of easy to moderate cardio

My activity: NTC Get Lean Beginner Fighter Fit

Optional activities: aerobics, Zumba, step exercises, video

Day 2: Newbies: Walk briskly for .50 miles (twice, can take breaks in between) | Beginners: 1 mile jog (13-15 minute miles)

My activity: 2 mile run

Optional activities: 4 mile bike ride, 1 mile or 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Day 3: NTC Get Focused Ary Nunez’s Gotham Arts Workout

My activity: NTC Get Lean Beginner Sweat + Shape

Optional activities: video

Day 4: Rest, yay!

Challenge yourself: 15 minute ab exercises NTC Get Focused Alpha Abs

Day 5: Newbies: Jog at a very slow pace for .15 miles (no walking!) Do this three times (you can take a break in between) | Beginners: 1 mile slow run (11-12 minute miles)

My activity: 3.5 mile run

Optional activities: 6 mile bike ride, 1.5 miles or 25 minutes on the elliptical

Day 6: Cross-train:  pick an activity that gets you moving for at least 20 minutes

My activity: 1 hour outdoor soccer

Day 7: Rest

Challenge yourself: 15 minute arm strength training exercises NTC Get Focused Sculpted Arms


*challenge yourself is completely optional


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