fitness supply list


To begin with any fitness program, you are going to need the right gear. My goal is to suggest items that are versatile, affordable, and that you most likely already have. Feel free to add, remove, or suggest any items that you would find helpful.

Highly Recommended


Running Shoes: Finding the right running shoe might be the most important part of getting your fitness apparel. With so many sports shoes in the market, you need to find one that is both made for running and that will be the best fit to your gait. The right fit is crucial in preventing injuries and running efficiently.


yogamatYoga Mat: Helpful for stretching and floor exercises, a yoga mat will provide you with some cushion and grip while on the floor. Make sure to find one that fits your height (your head and toes should both fit in the mat)

Very Helpful

NTC Training App: The Nike Training Club App is like having a personal trainer on the go. It boasts over 100 full body workouts designed by trainers and categorizes them into: Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Toned, and Get Focused. Moreover, the app tracks your progress in the form of fuel points and exercise minutes, to keep you accountable. The app is available free for both iOS and Android.

Nike Running App or running watch: When I started running, I used to map my routes in Flotrack to keep track of my distance and my route before every run. Downloading the Nike Running App really simplified this process. You simply start the app when you begin your run and it uses the GPS on your phone to determine your distance and pace. It is a great way to keep you motivated as it records your runs to date and your personal bests. Don’t like running with your phone? There are many watches that measure your distance, pace, calories burnt, etc. I own both the Nike SportBand and the Nike SportWatch and I’ve had a good experience with both. 

Nice to Have


Dumbbells: You can incorporate dumbbells in so many exercises. Find ones that are medium-to-light to start out.


medicineballWeighted Medicine Ball:  Many of the NTC exercises call for a weighted medicine ball and it is a really great tool for shaping your abs and arms.


Hybrid Stick

Roller: Amazing treatment for sore muscles, which in turn, helps prevent injuries.


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