train like you mean it


This week focus on slowly getting back in shape and in defining your fitness goals. What are you trying to achieve and what is the bigger picture? Don’t solely focus on fleeting, short-term goals, but focus in improving your overall lifestyle. Make plans for the future (like running a 5K in September) and this will keep you motivated throughout your journey. Vary your exercises to prevent boredom and to try something new (maybe you have a hidden talent for yoga or dance). Lastly, but most importantly, remember that you are doing this for yourself so enjoy your “me time”!

Shake It Up:

It’s Thursday, use what is left of the week to prepare both physically and mentally for the road ahead. Make a list of activities that you enjoy or that you would like to try. For me, I’ve always loved Ballet and I would love to try a SkyRobics class, so I am listing these as my fun activities. Although I do enjoy running, I know that it is a high-impact sport that can at times, be very challenging (asthma, 30 degree weather and five hilly miles is not very fun). Therefore I am listing this as my challenging but attainable activity. In order to cross-train and keep myself challenged, I am also adding swimming, biking, soccer, and hot yoga as my “other” activities. Variety is key.

This is what my weekly plan looks like:

Monday: Hour and half of Ballet class (worked on poses, jumps and pirouettes)

Tuesday: 3 mile run (this is my benchmark distance)

Wednesday: 30 minutes of ab exercises (NTC Get Focused: Fearless by Sofia Boutella and Alpha Abs by Joselynne Boschen)

Thursday: 30 minutes of strength training

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: Body stretches and rest.

Because it is a transitional week, I wanted to participate in easy-to-moderate activities and include enough rest in between. If you are just starting out, do not worry about the running part yet, just make sure to fit in at least a half-mile walk. We will be building endurance, strength, and preventing injuries during the upcoming months so its best to start easy.


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