Bourbon and Boweties

Hanging out with Bourbon and Boweties

Quartz, and geodes, and pearls! Oh my! Bourbon and Boweties is, in a few words, arm candy perfection. With its unique style, stone variety, and timeless design, this rapidly growing brand is becoming a staple in jewelry collections.

Created by Carley Ochs about a year and a half ago, Bourbon and Boweties has already been worn by various celebrities, such as Lauren Conrad and Kori Robertson. The brand is currently available for purchase at trunk shows, select boutiques, and Facebook (where you will also find events taking place in your city).

Bourbon and Boweties trunk party

Last night, I was lucky enough to attend a B&B trunk show and was impressed by how quickly the bracelets were selling. The trendy bangles vary both in materials and in price, but they are all individually hand-crafted with gold-plated wire (which I later learned, can be silver upon request). The materials available include agate, Peruvian opal, shells, turquoise, semi-precious stones, geodes and quartz, and the bracelets are all made in the USA by “Proud Southern Hands”.

Bourbon and Boweties collection

With its growing popularity, I am sure I will be hearing more about this brand soon and can’t wait to see where they go. As you can see below, I started my own collection of B&B bangles and look forward to adding more in the future. To start your own collection, here are some ideas:

1. Play with stone sizes – The bigger stones are great statements on their own but can also be paired with similar hues. The smaller and medium stone sizes are great for stacking.

2. Stick to a color palette – Neutrals, pinks, (or in my case) blues, always look better when combined with like shades.

3. Add a “pop”  bangle – My smaller golden stone bangle is my pop bangle, I add it in between the bigger blue stones to provide a different texture and add shine to the combination.

Bourbon and Boweties Lilly PulitzerMy B&B Collection


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