I started running on September 2012. Even though I had previously ventured on jogs and had “run”  the mile for my high school physical education class, I had never really trained for anything. That September however, I was resolute in training for a half-marathon and began a journey that unknown to me at the time, led me to many unforgettable experiences.

Although I was a relative novice in the world of running, I had previously participated in a few 5Ks in the past. However, due to the lack of experience and training, my 5Ks had usually consisted of a series of sprints and walks, with no consistency or reason to it. I did what seemed most normal to me, which was to speed up in the first mile and then, when my body could no longer run, walk the rest of the way. Although many argue that this method of training is completely fine (especially for beginners) I wanted to challenge myself and follow a continuous running plan. I wanted to run the whole half-marathon and prove to myself that I could actually do it.

Even though the journey was not easy and there were many ups and downs throughout the way, the end result was so very fulfilling. Crossing that finish line was one of the best moments of my life and the most defining. And to think, it all began with a single step and a half mile run.


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