le fromage


My love for cheese platters began last summer at The Plaza Hotel in New York. After spending the whole day sightseeing and traveling around the city, me and Jonathan stopped by The Plaza to get some dinner. We ordered a simple cheese platter and either we were starving or it was masterfully arranged, but we had one of the best dinners ever. Since then, I’ve been discovering and sampling different types of cheese and integrating them in more recipes.

The cheese plate below is a great option for lunch. It is savory, filling, and a great way to indulge from time to time. The cheeses featured below are (in order from farthest to closest):


Pecorino Romano with truffle- Dense, creamy, nutty, and enhanced by the earthy truffle, this flavorful cheese lingers in your taste buds. It is a sheep cheese derived from the Siena region of Italy, and is usually aged from four to six months.

Delice de Bourgogne Lincet- This creamy, soft, triple-creme, cow cheese is produced in the Burgundy area of France. It’s rich, whipped texture serves perfectly as a spread and is aged from one to two months.

Mahon- Aged for four to six months, this salty, nutty, and meaty cheese is flavorful and filling. It is made in Minorca, a Mediterranean isle off the eastern coast of Spain.

CalyRoad Little Stone Mountain- This aged goat cheese with a bloomy rind covered in ash is a local treasure from Georgia. Savory and creamy, the different flavor combinations are perfectly balanced.

To learn more about cheese I encourage to check out Murray’s Cheese a specialty shop that offers classes and a wide variety of flavors (both online and in-store). I hope you get the chance to try these different cheeses and let me know what your experiences are. Bon appetit!



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