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penny for your thoughts

penny for your thoughts

“Goodness Gracious”

Ellie Goulding is so talented. Her style, her voice, her music, and how fast she can run (she finished the same half-marathon I did in only 1:41:35) make her one of my favorite people to watch and follow. She is amazing in concert and her music makes my days so much better. That is why I am thrilled that she just released the video for her single “Goodness Gracious” and it could not be more perfect for a chilly day like this. The video reminds me of the poster for “The Endless Summer” which is basically neon perfection and happiness. “Goodness Gracious” is such a fun, upbeat song and the video is the best way to beat today’s winter blues.

“Orange is the New Black”


Speaking of bright colors, “Orange is the New Black” has quickly become one of my must-watch shows. Available for Netflix subscribers, “Orange” revolves around the life of Piper Chapman during her time in a federal women’s prison. Based on the true story of Piper Kerman, “Orange” is a mix between dark humor and drama that portrays the protagonist’s experiences in a raw and candid manner. To learn some more of the backstory behind “Orange is the New Black” check out this article written by Piper Kerman in a 2010 issue of Marie Claire in which she discusses the mistakes that caused her time in prison.


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