Faux fur collar coats

Coats are my favorite thing about cold weather. I love adding that extra layer of elegance to my outfits and pairing them up with scarfs and gloves. One type of coat that I been coveting for a while is a faux-fur collar coat. There is just something so glamorously vintage and feminine about these coats that is reminiscent of the golden era of Hollywood. From “Dr. Zhivago” to Audrey Hepburn to Picasso, the faux-fur collar coat has become an iconic piece of apparel that has is both timeless and fashionable. 


audrey hepburn coat


Above are couple of options that really epitomize the classic character of the faux-fur collar coat. I am very much against real fur, so both of these pieces have acrylic faux-fur with no animal byproducts. Because in the past there has been evidence of product mislabeling, please make sure you read the garment labels carefully, and if you have any questions about the product, check out the Humane Society’s list of faux-fur brands here. Again, I cannot stress how important it is to buy faux (take it from someone who adopted the sweetest Angora rabbit last year) and avoid any of the real stuff. It is not fashionable but cruel, and you will look (and feel better) wearing the faux stuff. As of today, both of the coats have an additional discount (25% for Kate Spade and 20% for Dorothy Perkins).


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