dancing through life

Happy New Year’s Eve! This year has gone by so fast, I can’t believe is now wrapping up. Whatever your plans are for ringing in the New Year, I hope that you have the very best of times. If you are planning on going out tonight and celebrating the New Year in style,but still don’t have an outfit planned for tonight, feel free to check out some ideas below:

New Year's Party

For me, New Year’s Eve parties are all about celebrating a new beginning, starting from a blank slate, and looking towards a bright future. Because of that, I love pieces that really reflect light and shimmer as you shimmy your way through a party. Last year, I rung in 2013 with a beautiful, form-fitting, Aidan Mattox sequin, slate dress. This year I want to dance the night away, so I will be wearing the first combination above, a simple but elegant Gucci dress with Kate Spade heels. For those who are celebrating up north and will be wearing pants, make sure to pair them up with a fun top and closed toe shoes (they make your legs look longer). If you are going all out with the sequins, keep your accessories muted so you don’t overdo it. Sandals and closed toe shoes would be fine either way. If you are looking to show  a bit more skin, make sure to pair the outfit up with closed toe heels, to balance out the outfit. Hope these tips help you out and that you have a wonderful time tonight!



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