how to wrap a gift

In a hurry? Here is a quick, simple guide on how to wrap a gift:

lilly wrap

1. Make sure to prep and organize your work station. You will need wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows, tags, and of course, the gift.

2. Determine the length of the paper you will need. Make sure to cut the paper inch past the point where the edge of the paper meets the rest of the paper.


3. Measure the cut paper with the gift, determine the width, and trim the excesses.


4. Bring the top edge of the paper to the top of the box and tape it in place. Do the same with the other side.


5. Wrap the ends of the box. Fold the sides and make small flaps, then tape these together.

wrap gift

6. Run your thumb and finger along each edge of the paper to make the finish crisper.


7. Add a ribbon or a bow to embellish the package. One thing that I like doing with my leftover scraps of paper is create a small rosette. In this case, I cut symmetrical petals and then glued them together to form a flower. Then I usually place a small bow in the middle of the flower to make it stand out.




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