puffer vests

Puffer Vests

I have to admit, this has been one trend that has very slowly grown on me. At first, I saw puffer vests as an accessory to a Marty McFly costume, but now I am starting to appreciate them for their versatility (especially when worn with long sleeves). One combination that I am particularly fond of is pairing long-sleeve shift dresses with puffer vests. Because shift dresses are loose and have little waist definition, puffer vests provide you with an additional textural layer that enhances your overall look. When purchasing a puffer vest, make sure that if fits your body well (meaning: it should not be too tight because you will most likely be wearing various layers of clothing, but it should not be too loose either, if not is going to make you look wider). Above are two great options that are equally flattering as they cinch around your body to provide a slimmer silhouette.


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