best of 2013: beauty


Makeup is my passion. It is an artistic expression that highlights natural beauty and enhances your best features. I love experimenting with new colors, techniques, and products, but my overall daily look is natural and polished. Back in college, I used to give my friends makeovers and advice on what products to buy and what looks to try. I still do and it is one of my favorite things. As far as products go, I have tried countless of brands and shades so I have a good idea of what I like and what I would avoid buying. The products below have been my favorite this year and have become staples in my beauty routine.

Best of 2013 Beauty

Although I barely rarely wear foundation or any type of concealer, when I do, I always chose bareMinerals powder. This is mostly because of how light it is and how flawlessly it blends into my face. When I first purchased this product, I bought the trial kit to see how I liked it and it lasted me for almost a year (as I said, I barely rarely wear foundation) so it was definitely a good value. Make sure you pick the right color for your skin and even then, the difference between the original formula and the matte is pretty significant (I like the matte better). One thing that complements the finish of the powder is the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer. I love this product. I have tried countless of primers that were either too greasy, harsh, or pasty, but this one is amazing. It feels like a gel moisturizer and leaves your skin even. Can’t say enough good things about this primer.

(my vanity and the countless of beauty products it holds)
Although I have tried a vast amount of really great mascaras, “they’re real” mascara performs better than the rest. It makes my lashes appear longer and fuller and it is light enough to be worn every day. My favorite eyeliner is a bit of an underdog but such a great product. It glides on smoothly, it lasts the whole day, and it comes with a replacement head. The Urban Decay Primer Potion is essential if you want your eye makeup to last and to pop. If you are feeling adventurous with your eye makeup application, I definitely recommend checking out Rae Morris’ Beautiful Eyes book. It is just a great pictorial guide that provides you with inspiration on really unique looks.
For my lips, I love YSL’s Volupte Sheer Candy. It is so pretty, natural and leaves your lips with a glossy hue. My favorite color is #2 Dewy Papaya and I wear this every day. I had previously stated how much I love Prada Candy L’eau, so to recap, it is my perfect scent. It was hard to make a decision regarding the blush, but I have to go with Bourjois Rose Frisson. Ulta used to sell this French cosmetics line a few years ago but they discontinued it. However with the help of the internet I can still get my rosy fix.
The last one was a seasonal product that if you find, I suggest you stock up on. It is the Revlon by Marchesa nail appliques which are truly stunning and works of art on your fingernails. I purchased a few but I’ve only worn the 24K Brocade ones for my Nike SF Half-Marathon. I got many compliments on my nails and I can’t wait to wear a new color for New Year’s (will definitely post pictures soon).



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