As I had mentioned in this post, I have a ten month puppy named Bailey who has a slight obsession with the sun. Being a South Florida native, Bailey spent the first few months of her canine life in 80 degree weather. More importantly, she spent the first three weeks after her adoption at my parents’ house where she had a great, big backyard to run in and plenty of butterflies to chase around.  Life looked good for this little mutt, who had been abandoned in a shelter alongside her mom and four siblings after she was born. Lucky for her, it was an incredible, non-kill shelter, in which every animal was treated with compassion and adoptions were numerous. Being the little runt of her litter, Bailey was often pushed around by her siblings and other shelter residents who in her opinion, played too rough.

However, regardless of her rough start, Bailey has had a charmed and spoiled life. That is, until last Saturday, when Bailey encountered what we Georgians call freezing (43 degrees). Because the weather in Atlanta had been cold and rainy throughout the week, I decided to take Bailey to the Atlanta Christmas Parade, in order to give her some well-needed fresh air. I bundled her up in her little parka jacket (because of her aversion to the cold) and carried her with me throughout the parade to keep her warm. Although she did not look too happy at first, once I let her walk and attached her hoodie, Bailey became more excited as she attracted the attention of strangers. For her, the strangeness of the place and the cold were overshadowed by the amount of children wanting to pet her and the dogs that greeted her. Not only did she rock her little winter outfit, but she made some fun memories along the way. Overall, winter is not so bad for a puppy, especially when you have an awesome little parka.

 Bailey staring at the giant inflated dog hovering by us. 



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