friday favorites

One: Everything about Paperless Post is just perfect. The whimsical designs, the varied selection, and the integrated tracking components, make their products unique and efficient. It is great for sending invitations, birthday cards, and thank you letters. I especially like the fact that I know when my recipient opened the card and how easily they can respond back. As I said, perfect.
Two: It has been raining non-stop in Atlanta for the past week so my wellies have been getting a lot of use. These knit socks are so wonderful for when I want to wear boots with dresses. I like the fact that the golden bow sticks out a bit, which makes it playful and cute.
Three: I was recently sent a sample of Hollywood Fashion Tape and I wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to use it. I previously thought that the use for that tape would be solely to hold a revealing dress together (like this). However, I was pleasantly surprised – and instantly hooked – yesterday morning when I was wearing a Vineyard Vines wrap dress. I love how comfortable this dress is, but I have noticed is that when I am on the move, the cleavage part moves slightly and shows off my bra. Well no more, this tape held the two sides the whole day and I did not have any wardrobe malfunctions at work.
Four: This is my first advent calendar ever and so far I am loving it. Not only do I get to wake up to pretty makeup samples everyday, but there are also cute accessories scattered around the days!
Five: This 3-day straight semi-permanent styling spray has been kept my hair tamed during this last rainy week. When it is this humid, I usually end up looking like Hermione Granger (from the 1st movie). This spray is so simple to use. I simply apply when my hair is still wet from the shower and I use a flat brush and a medium heat hair dryer to dry it off. Easy to apply and it lasts for at least a couple of days.

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