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December is here and with it, office holiday parties. Love them or hate them, I find them a good excuse to get to know my colleagues better and interact with them outside work. That being said, I always find that it is still important to behave professionally and to dress appropriately for the party (every office has a crazy holiday party story, try to avoid being in it). Although the party attire depends on the venue and your office culture, I usually find it best to overdress than underdress. That is why I came up with a few different attire ideas that would work well in different environments.

Office Holiday Party Outfits
The first outfit is what I will actually be wearing for my office party. It is a classic black and white combo, accessorized with a fun necklace. I love the slight peplum on the dress and will most likely wear a black cardigan depending on the weather. I am also planning on having french manicure with black tips just to make it more fun.
The second outfit is a bit more traditional, but it is played up by the gold skirt and the gorgeous accessories. When choosing something a bit more formal, I have always found that having the right amount of jewelry and an intricate bag will complete the look.
The third outfit is sexy but sophisticated at the same time.If you are looking to wear something that is a bit more sultry, make sure that the fabric feels luxurious and it fits perfectly. In addition, simple but elegant jewelry and accessories are a must.
The fourth outfit is a charming combination that is great for comfort and cold weather. Both the top and the pants shimmer therefore jewelry should be kept simple and muted. This combination is both fun and versatile.

What are you planning on wearing to your office holiday party?




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