The Final Countdown

It’s crunch time. Thanksgiving is around the corner and with it, Black Friday. Love it or hate it, Black Friday has become part of the Thanksgiving tradition for many and a great day to find awesome discounts. I have found that the key to having a successful Black Friday is planning and drafting a budget. Otherwise, the Tryptophan-induced stupor, the rowdy crowds, and the thrill of the sale, will most likely cause you to max out your credit card (this totally comes from self experience) or spend money on things that you don’t need (also self experience). 

A couple of helpful tips that I have learned are:

1. Recruit a team – A great team will help you be more efficient and will help you control your spending. One thing that always saves me time is that one of us will be waiting in line while one shops and we take turns.

2. Make a list – Make sure that you get what you actually want and need. Do not get distracted by affordable but useless buys.

3. Make a budget – and try to stick to it!

What other tips do you follow? Is Black Friday your favorite shopping day?



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