Here Comes the Sun

It is so beautiful outside! After raining for the whole night, the sun has finally come out and with it, warmer temperatures. Sunshine is most definitely the best of things, it can make any day seem so much better – even Mondays!  – and in moderation, is healthy for your body (it produces vitamin D, helps prevent MS, encourages white blood cell production).

Even most animals enjoy the sunshine and seek comfort in it. My puppy Bailey, absolutely loves the sun and tends to stop mid-walk and stretch out in the grass, enjoying the warmth. For some reason, sunshine promotes a  sense of optimism and bliss. Maybe this is why today, I feel exceptionally good about the week ahead of me. Regardless of how much work this week will bring, I feel a renewed sense of strength and well-being that encourages me to appreciate what I have, and work hard for what I will have.

Bailey enjoying the sunshine, among most things in her life. 

Another thing that I found absolutely inspirational today was a piece written by Madonna Badger for Vogue, in which she discusses her coming to terms with the loss of her family in a fire. It is a beautiful and heartfelt article that really puts things in perspective and it display’s the author’s strength and resilience in the face of a terrible tragedy. It is great piece and encourage to check it out here.



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