Desk Set

I finally got around redecorating my home office. I wanted to create a space that would reflect my personality as well as my interests, but that would also be welcoming and comfortable to be in. I really wanted to elevate the desk area as the visual centerpiece of the room. I figured that in order to do this I would have to incorporate unique and colorful details that would pop.

I’ve had the Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Table for almost two years now, and I really like it. It is really wide so it provides me with lot of desktop space and two long drawers. Even though the desk itself is great, the drawers knobs’ paint started to chip and it was starting to become very visible. Because of this, I went ahead and switched it for some gold hardware that I found in Anthropologie. Because my desk fit perfectly in small niche within my office, I wanted to go ahead and place symmetrical pictures in the then-bare wall. In order to stick to my budget, I decided to tear the pages of a Barbie illustrations calendar that I had and place them in individual shadowboxes. I purchased the white shadowboxes from Target (which fit perfectly) and painted them in Martha Stewart’s Rose Chrome craft paint.

For my desktop, I wanted to stick with the bare necessities but not go completely bare. Although I do appreciate minimalism, I am constantly multitasking, and I use my desk for work, reading, writing, and crafts. Therefore I knew that I needed my laptop (I love my vaio, one the best laptops I’ve ever used), my phone, laptop speakers, colored pencils, my agenda, and a note set.

The Westie speakers are Juicy Couture and way too adorable, the note set is from Russell+Hazel, and the acrylic pencil case and tape dispenser are from the Container Store.

Desk Set
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