Bend It Like Beckham

After lots of convincing and promises of a great season, I finally decided to join a Saturday soccer league.  Although most people would jump to the idea of playing soccer with friends and going out to social events with your team afterwards, I am a bit apprehensive, but that is mainly because I do not know anything about soccer. My expectations about soccer might be slightly skewed by my observation throughout the years: broken ACLs, team fights, toned British men (this one is a plus), and mayhem galore. Not that any of these things make it seem less fun, but I will confess, it is slightly daunting. Nevertheless, I love doing things that are outside my comfort zone and this definitely is one of those. One thing that is in my comfort zone however, is party planning, and although the season does not end until early next year, I am already planning an end-of-season soiree at my place. I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration and I absolutely loved the ideas below:

I am pretty sure my teammates are going to think I am crazy, but life is a party, so I might as well celebrate!

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