100 Days of Training

And so it begins, winter/spring training! Although I have really enjoyed being lazy for the last couple of weeks, I am actually very excited to start training again. This time, I’ll be training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC.  In exactly 100 days I will be racing through Disney World dressed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. I figured that after participating in the Nike Marathon in San Francisco and getting all of that Tiffany’s Blue gear, I pretty much have my racing attire ready. It will be my first Disney race and my second Nike DC race.

As painful as winter training is (low temperature mornings, windchill, snow), it definitely helps you build a special endurance that pushes you through the race. I know that when I competed in my first half-marathon last year, the Nike DC race, I was very nervous about what to expect, but having had the arduous training really helped me in finishing the race. In a way, I see these races as 90% mind, 10% body. Although you do have to be fit and you do have to train, you need to have the mental strength to push you when you think you can’t keep going. Last year, my goals were to run the whole race and finish at the top half, this year I am hoping to PR and to complete the DC course even faster. It will definitely take a lot of training but I’m pumped up and ready to go.


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