I collect quotes. I collect the paragraphs of great novels, and the witty remarks made by someone. I collect phrases and sentences. I collect quotes of any kind, in different languages, that carry meaning to me. I collect motivational quotes and lyrics to sad songs. I collect the dialogue in movies and famous historical words. When I feel uninspired, unlucky, or I am just having a rough day, I look through my collection of quotes and ponder in their meaning.  My collection is haphazard, it is spread in homemade bookmarks, notebooks, computer backgrounds, and Pinterest. It doesn’t have a rhyme or reason to it, but they are very treasured by me. They are nothing but thoughts and phrases once muttered by someone, but to me, they guidelines and advice, an inspiration on how to live life, told by someone wiser and more exciting.

I recently stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest and it has kept me thinking on its meaning.

I think it phrases so beautifully the brevity of human life. Earth has existed for millions of years, mankind has just existed for a glimmer of time. We are sometimes so out of tune with our place in this world, we forget that we are here to learn. Personally, I know that I am always thinking of what comes next, planning for the next big event in my life, racing through the days to accomplish what I believe are priorities. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Although I have not discovered the meaning of life and I am still working to find my place in this world, I believe that we are all here for a reason. It is funny how sometimes I approach my problems as the end-all of my existence, when in reality, they are not big problems to have. I still want to achieve a great life for me and for my family, but in the meantime, while I am working towards this goal, I want to still contribute in positively changing world. I want to observe, learn, grow, and love. I want to take it all in and experience it all, so one day when it is all said and over, I know that I’ve lived life fully, I had no regrets, and my life sparkled amongst mankind’s time in this world.

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