Ballet Flats

Although I currently live in Atlanta, I am originally from South Florida and I miss it dearly. My parents still live there, so when I get to go home for vacation, I am reminded of how different Florida is from anywhere else I’ve ever been.  First, we don’t have winter weather. If the temperature ever drops below 70 degrees, the whole city goes into a state of panic, as if the second Ice Age had started. Because of this, our Florida apparel is always casual, resort wear. This brings me to my second point, my love for flip-flops. They are tacky, I know, but they are so comfortable!!! You slip them on and voilà you’re done. This worked great in high school where my daily footwear was a pair of Rainbows and if I was feeling especially dressy, Jack Rogers. Third, sundresses galore. I did not own more than a pair of jeans when I left for college. I had a couple leggings, but the idea of wearing pants for more than a couple days straight was foreign to me.As much as I love casual wear, there is something about keeping a nicer dress code that also appeals to me. Although I adore flip-flops, I would not wear them to a fancy event or even to work. Because of this, I found a shoe that is as versatile as the flip-flop and more importantly, as comfortable. The ballet flat has been my go-to for the last few years. However, it took me trying on and purchasing many ballet flats to find the right one. My all-time favorite is the Suki flat from L.K. Bennett. Literally the most comfortable shoe I own, these shoes are so well made, stylish, and wonderful. They are a bit expensive if you purchase them at a regular price, but you can often find them on sale around $80. Still, these shoes are absolutely worth it. I own a few and they go with everything and last forever. If you are looking for a more affordable version that are equally as cute, I just found these tortoise shell ballet flats at H&M for $12.95. They seem pretty comfortable and the price cannot be beaten. What other shoes have you tried out that you love?

Invest/Save Ballet Flats



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