Sail Away With Me

After two hours at the costume store last night, I finally decided to dress up as a sailor. Although I was initially going for a Roman/Gladiator look, most of the costumes left in that category were either too big or not very flattering. After trying on at least fifteen different costumes (four of those which were sailor costumes) I finally decided for the costume below. Although I felt rather uninspired when I brought the costume home, I remembered looking through an old photo shoot that Marissa Miller had done for the troops a couple of years ago. In the photo shoot she teams up with Harley Davidson to create a calendar with a pin-up theme. First of all, I have to preface by saying that I love Marissa Miller, she is definitely one of my favorite models and one of the reasons why I started paddle boarding. Second, I love anything vintage and especially pin-up; I love the combination of the old-time glamour and colorful makeup. And third, I wanted to go for a look that could be cute and fun but also sexy. So I looked through her photo shoot and here are my inspiration photos:

Gorgeous, right? And her makeup and hair are so simple too. After going through these pictures I totally felt much more inspired with my outfit and started to get all my accessories together. I am going to try to find similar gloves to what she is wearing, because they are so chic. Below is my inspiration board:
Sailor Costume
Happy Halloween!

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