It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Even though Halloween is not even here yet! Time has gone so fast this year. As the weeks fill with the daily balancing act between work, home life, and errands, there are very few instances when you stop your mind from running, the world from spinning, and get to be present.  I experienced this feeling last week, once I arrived to San Francisco to participate in the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon. Because of jet-lag (traveling from Atlanta to San Francisco) I woke up around 6 am and decided to go for a quick jog, before beginning my adventures in the city. I ran from Market Street up Powell Road, to the bay and back. During the run, all I could focus on was getting through the steep hill ahead of me. I could feel my heart rate accelerate, my breathing getting heavier, my legs shake, but once I arrived to the bay, I had to stop for a second and take it all in. The sun was rising slowly and the rays were illuminating the city. I could see across the bay, Alcatraz (which I actually thought was a very beautiful sight), the Golden Gate Bridge and the pier which was noisy due to the sea lions. In the midst of all the activity happening around me, I felt so present and awe-filled. Seeing the sun rise and a new day begin, made me feel renovated and refreshed. It made me feel like everyday presents itself with a new opportunity, and that is what makes up the fluidity of life. I took a couple pictures to commemorate the moment, but it barely describes the sentiment of feeling alive. I love the changing seasons and with them, the opportunities that arise.

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